Our team

The Hotel Pinos Playa is a family hotel that was built by Bartolome Sitges in 1972 at the beginning of the turistic boom in the Balearic islands, being so one of the first hotels in the city of Santanyí.

Currently the hotel is managed by his children Margalida, Catalina and Juan.

One of the main guidelines of the team is personalized and familiar service, to ensure that the guests feels at home and can enjoy their vacations to the fullest. Therefore the family Sitges has created over the years a team of permanent employees, some of them present in the company since the first days.

At the moment all efforts are focused on the gradual renovation of the hotel to guarantee the same standard and optimize the quality and maintenance of facilities.

The team has opted for renewable energy, so the energy consumption of the hotel is partly generated by solar energy.

The entire team of the Hotel Pinos Playa want to Welcome during your vacations !!


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